• A Love for Puzzles - Samara Lipsky

  • Posted on September 15, 2018
  • Samara Lipsky

    A person that loves challenges and critical thinking is often a person that is drawn to puzzles. Puzzles, while they can mean the simplistic game of putting pieces together to form a full image, can also imply any field that requires looking at things critically in order to establish conclusions. Samara Lipsky discovered her love for challenges and puzzles at a young age. In this she decided to pursue a career in medicine knowing that this field both helped people, which she felt was important, but also was one that was constantly changing and allowed her to always be challenged and always be brought a new puzzle to solve.

    Samara Lipsky knew that in order to do well in the medical field, she would need a strong education. She attended the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. It was here that she earned her Ph.D. During her studies, she began working on some research projects and found her passion. From there, she threw her academic work into research and fell into the field of society behavioral medicine. This became her favorite puzzle and Samara Lipsky did a two year fellowship with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and won an award for her research at the Society of Behavioral Medicine Annual Conference. Earning this award was simply the cherry on the sundae because she loved the work she was doing there. While she has added writing to her strong resume, she always comes back to her puzzle of research.

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