• Samara Lipsky and Biopsychosocial Model

  • Posted on June 22, 2018
  • “Nature versus nurture”, “Science versus spirit”, these are all ideas that illness is not strictly affected or originated by one source. There is a term that is only beginning to become a mainstream specific and that is the term “Biopsychosocial.” This term is the idea that diseases and illnesses are affected by many different things, the first being genetics. Where you come from says a lot that can predict your medical future. Already, there are tests developed specifically for this such as the BRCA gene mutation that can be used to detect the likelihood of a patient developing breast cancer based on their genetics. The next factor that is part of the biopsychosocial model is that of biochemical. This one is more common as we have seen it in practice with things like the nuclear bombing in Hiroshima. This is an example in a macro sense, but there are smaller ones like the fluoride in the water of Los Angeles affecting the digestive system of its residents.

    Samara Lipsky has always been fascinated by this topic as there are so many different pieces to the puzzle that creates the biopsychosocial model. She was so interested, she even wrote a chapter in a book themed around the biopsychosocial model for disease prevention and health promotion. Samara Lipsky was sucked into the topic by seeing that through these kinds of studies, the public health at large could be improved based on the findings.

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